Inventive solutions to complex problems, coded to the highest standard and designed for reliability and ease of maintenance.


I make tools for producing and displaying lessons on the web. These can be as simple as templates for making HTML pages, with some accompanying code and a stylesheet, or as complex as an entire authoring and delivery system. The tools can include mechanisms for automatic judging and grading of exercises and quizzes.

I use a variety of programming media, including but not limited to:

  • Adobe Flash
  • Java
  • php
  • JavaScript
  • C# .net
  • Adobe Director

My current focus is a brainchild of Larry Copes. It's a website for hosting forums he calls Odysseys that can accommodate discussions on any topic, operate like a game, generate critical thinking skills, encourage substantive, open-ended, civil discourse, and even be used as self-grading coursework in secondary or higher education. Visit and click on the Instructions link at the bottom for details.